17 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage AI To Boost Customer Acquisition Efforts

As technologies like artificial intelligence emerge and continue to transform how businesses operate, small businesses would be remiss to not take advantage of what AI has to offer. Particularly on the customer acquisition front, leveraging AI-powered products and services can be an effective strategy for attracting and retaining new customers with limited resources.

While AI usage is growing and becoming more commonly used, small business leaders may not be aware of the capabilities that are now available to them. Below, 17 Forbes Business Council members each share one way small business leaders can use artificial intelligence to boost their customer acquisition efforts.

1. Determine Where AI Can Streamline Operations

When using AI to enhance customer acquisition efforts, small businesses must identify areas where AI can streamline operations. By augmenting human labor, employees can spend more time delivering higher value and building customer relationships. The key is to harness AI while preserving the human-centered aspects of a business, fostering a partnership that empowers companies to embrace the future. – Taylor Matthews, Farther

2. Generate Compelling Content

As developers, owners and operators of apt communities, I’ll narrow my focus to resident acquisition. AI assists us in generating compelling content, creative images, concise write-ups and other items that help optimize our online presence. We’ve also explored chatbot technology to provide instant responses and engage with leads on our website, improving customer service and conversion rates. – Shawn Evenhaim, California Home Builders

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3. Leverage Chatbots

AI-driven chatbots collect valuable customer data and insights, such as preferences and behavior patterns, which inform targeted marketing campaigns and improve customer acquisition strategies. By automating customer interactions and capturing data, small businesses can efficiently engage with a broader audience. This increases their chances of acquiring new customers while also saving time and resources. – Nadine Spencer, BrandEQ Agency

4. Create Personalized Marketing Campaigns

One effective way to leverage AI is through personalized marketing campaigns. AI-powered tools can analyze large volumes of data from various sources, such as website interactions, social media behavior and purchase histories to uncover patterns and preferences unique to each potential customer. Also, consider AI for tailored content creation, predictive customer behaviors, email optimization and chatbots for websites. – Alejandro Martinez, SDG Group

5. Streamline And Scale Acquisition Efforts

Implementing an AI-powered automated service or chatbot is one way a business can attract customers. Not only can these tools streamline customer interactions, but they can also allow small businesses to scale their customer acquisition efforts without significantly increasing human resources. The use of AI enhances efficiency, personalization and responsiveness, contributing to a positive customer acquisition experience. – Diego Garcia, Santgar

6. Turn Communication Analyses Into New Opportunities

New AI-based tools like communications mining can help businesses react quickly to prospective customers and shorten sales cycles. By mining, monitoring and automating business communications, businesses can extract important information like customer intent, reasons for contact and emotions and then turn customer conversations into actionable insights and revenue opportunities. – Brandon Deer, UiPath

7. Forecast Future Analytics

AI does a great job of predicting future analytics, which can put you in a position to get ahead of market trends and give customers what they need without elaborate market and data analysis. This market analysis can cost hundreds of labor hours, but that time can now instead be allocated towards other avenues of your growing business. – Gary Mkrtichyan, Opus Builders Inc.

8. Personalize Cold Outreach

Tailoring cold outreach to your prospects can be scaled significantly with AI. AI can review a prospect’s website and LinkedIn and then write personalized icebreakers, which can help increase open and response rates. – Charles Brecque, Legislate

9. Facilitate Improved Internal Processes

Artificial intelligence is a versatile tool that has applications in various business areas. Whether it’s customer acquisition, marketing or process optimization, it can take over tasks such as research and target group analysis, enabling efficient tracking and data analysis based on it. In addition, AI can create tailored acquisition approaches, optimize them and do much more. – David Ayrian, salesHAX Consulting GmbH

10. Analyze Large Sets of Data

In many ways, determining customer acquisition cost is simply a practice in how well you can analyze data and adapt. Collect as much data as possible about how, when, what, where and why people are buying your product or service. Following that, analyze the data for trends and specifically outliers that can help sharpen your focus. AI is extremely capable at quick analysis of large datasets. – Matthew Halpert, Immunocine Cancer Center

11. Gain A Better Understanding Of The Business’ Positioning

Small businesses can use AI to learn more about the market, the industry and their target audience to position their business well. They can also use AI to create hyper-personalized content for different campaigns and chatbots to interact with prospects. – Sneha Lundia, Step2Growth

12. Improve Big Picture Efficiency

AI can be used in two ways here: As a research tool to better understand customers and acquire deeper insights and as a means of more effectively analyzing the data you’ve gathered. AI can make entrepreneurs more efficient on the whole, freeing them up to be creative in other fields. – Taha Elraaid, Lamah Technologies

13. Offer Personalized Recommendations

Small businesses can harness the power of artificial intelligence to elevate their customer acquisition efforts through personalized product recommendations. By employing Al algorithms to analyze customer data and behavior, companies can suggest tailored products or services to individual customers. – Anupam Satyasheel, Occams Advisory

14. Become More Familiar With Content Marketing

For businesses that have been intimidated by content marketing, they should consider using generative AI to help them research what topics might be helpful to produce content for their audience. Asking for ideas around frequently asked questions or frequently searched topics is a good way to start. – Jessica Scanlon, Hot Dog Marketing

15. Ground Decision In Data

In the multifamily industry, AI-driven predictive analytics can be invaluable. By analyzing market trends, tenant preferences and property data, AI algorithms facilitate data-backed decisions. This insight guides strategic acquisitions, ensuring properties align with market demands. Smart investments driven by AI analysis enhance profitability and long-term success in multifamily acquisition endeavors. – Veena Jetti, Vive Funds

16. Design Effective Websites

Some website builders incorporate complimentary AI features for small businesses. These platforms can help you design and optimize your website without needing expensive or extensive technical skills. They may also offer AI-driven recommendations for layout, content and SEO. – Michele Paiva, The Finance Therapist

17. Hone Ideas And Channels

I’ve found ChatGPT to be a great tool for honing business ideas and pinpointing effective marketing channels. It can assist marketing in many ways, such as building a strong social media presence and helping craft the right copy. However, it’s key to remain in the driver’s seat. AI is a powerful assistant, but you know your market best. Use AI as a co-pilot, not your captain. – Anat (Anne Moss) El Hashahar, Moss Digital Publishing

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