20 Home Improvement Franchises

If you are looking for a winning franchise opportunity then consider home improvement franchises. Property owners spent $538 billion on home improvement projects in 2021. Sales in these home services should hit $621 billion by 2025.

And there’s no shortage of franchising opportunities in the home remodeling sector. These are successful businesses with low overhead and minimal inventory. Plus, there’s a wide swath of industries where you can start.

home improvement franchises

What is a Home Improvement Franchise?

A home improvement franchise represents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to operate their own business within the vast sector of home renovations and repairs.

This type of franchise encompasses a broad array of services, catering to the diverse needs of homeowners seeking to upgrade their living spaces. Franchisees can choose from outdoor landscaping, interior painting, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, or general maintenance and repair services.

With a home improvement franchise, you not only gain the autonomy of being your own boss but also the versatility to serve both residential clients and commercial markets.

The franchisor’s proven business model provides a blueprint for operations, helping to mitigate the risks typically associated with starting a business from scratch.

The Home Improvement Industry Today

The home improvement market was worth at least $384 billion in 2020. Predictions place home improvement franchises and trade professionals in even better positions going forward.

Home services of this nature had a market size of $558.3 billion in 2022. In 2023, the number is forecast to rise to $577.3 billion. All of the more reason to get involved with a place with registered trademarks and an established brand.

home improvement franchises

Why You Should Consider a Home Improvement Franchise

For those contemplating diving into the world of franchising, home improvement offers compelling reasons to take the leap:

  • Low Entry Barrier: Many home improvement franchises are considered affordable investments compared to other industries. They often don’t require a large workforce, and some services, like painting, can be started as a one-person operation, gradually expanding as the business grows.
  • Repeat Business: Quality work leads to repeat customers. A well-done exterior paint job can lead homeowners to hire the same franchise for their interior needs. Happy clients are also likely to provide referrals, which is a key growth driver.
  • Aging Population Needs: With baby boomers looking to ‘age in place,’ there’s a growing demand for remodeling services, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, to make homes more accessible and comfortable for the elderly.
  • Diverse Services Offered: The home improvement franchise arena is wide-ranging. Whether it’s specializing in house painting, home inspections, or offering a full suite of maintenance services, there’s no shortage of niches to choose from, each with its own customer base.
  • Sustained Demand: The constant need for home upkeep and the desire for aesthetic updates ensures a steady stream of business opportunities, making the home improvement franchise sector a resilient choice for budding entrepreneurs.
  • You’ll Get a Proven System to Work With: Home services franchises quite often supply training and ongoing support. Plus you’ll get increased buying power that puts you ahead of other small businesses. A parent company offers a proven system that even includes marketing support in the package.

Don’t forget to check out opportunities you might not have thought of at first. Like Miracle Method Surface Refinishing. This service avoids big construction projects. They use a unique miracle method surface process that involves acrylic.

Here’s a list of just some of the existing franchises that are seeking franchisees. Looking for some of the top choices? Entrepreneur has a 2022 Franchise 500 Ranking.

home improvement franchises

Our Methodology: How We Chose the Best Home Improvement Franchises

The home improvement sector is booming, with homeowners constantly looking for reliable and quality services. A successful home improvement franchise needs to excel in various areas to ensure both customer satisfaction and franchisee success.

Here’s our strategic approach to identifying the most promising home improvement franchise opportunities:

Brand Strength in the Home Improvement Market (10/10)

We prioritize franchises with a strong brand presence known for quality and reliability in the home improvement industry.

Range of Services Offered (9/10)

A wide array of services increases market reach and customer retention. We look for franchises that offer comprehensive solutions to home improvement needs.

Training and Support (9/10)

Robust training programs and ongoing support are key to a franchisee’s success, ensuring consistent quality across all locations.

Innovation and Industry Trends (8/10)

Franchises that stay at the forefront of industry trends, including eco-friendly options and smart home technology, are positioned for growth.

Proven Business Model and Profitability (8/10)

A franchise with a proven business model that demonstrates profitability and a solid return on investment is essential.

Vendor Relationships and Supply Chain (8/10)

Strong relationships with suppliers and an efficient supply chain are crucial for delivering quality service and managing costs.

Marketing and Branding Support (7/10)

Effective marketing strategies are vital to local and national brand recognition. We assess the level of marketing support provided to franchisees.

Customer Service Excellence (7/10)

Outstanding customer service is a must in home improvement, so we consider franchises that emphasize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Scalability (7/10)

The potential for a franchise to scale operations and facilitate growth for franchisees is a significant factor in our evaluation.

Cost and Fee Transparency (6/10)

We evaluate the transparency of the investment, including franchise fees, royalties, and any additional costs that franchisees are expected to cover.

Health, Safety, and Compliance (6/10)

Adherence to health and safety regulations in home improvement work is non-negotiable, and we look for franchises that prioritize these aspects.

Community Impact and Social Responsibility (6/10)

We also consider the franchise’s commitment to making a positive impact in the communities they serve and their social responsibility initiatives.

In choosing the best home improvement franchises, our methodology ensures that the franchises not only meet the highest standards in operational efficiency and customer service but also offer robust support to their franchisees. We aim to spotlight franchises that are well-positioned for growth and have a strong reputation for enhancing homes and lives.

home improvement franchises

Top Home Improvement Franchise Opportunities

An initial investment can make small business owners franchisees. Here are a few of the top opportunities accepting inquiries.

1. Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds offers virtual and in-home consultation as well as installation and measurement services. They are part of the family of brands under the Home Franchise Concepts umbrella.

Budget Blinds has an initial finance fee of $19,950.

2. One Day Doors & Closets

There is a minimum cash of $100,000 required here. This home services franchise offers 3-D measuring technology for custom-fitted and painted doors. They offer full training and boast little or no competition.

3. Bath Tune-Up

This is an excellent SBA-approved franchise opportunity. They even offer proprietary software for this scalable low overhead business model. Bath Tune-Up offers opportunities in Canada and the United States.

4. Decorating Den Interiors

These interior designers have been in business for over 50 years. Decorating Den Interiors offers mentors and coaches and access to over 150 brand-name manufacturers and suppliers.

5. California Closets

This is a brand that’s been around since 1978. Like the name suggests the California closet company provides storage solutions, systems and custom closets. Learn more about franchising with their exclusive line here.

6. USA Insulation

There’s an initial fee or investment here of $171K to $364K. USA Insulation has been around for 35 years.

7. Closets By Design

Wondering about your profit margins? This company has increased its number of units by 118% over the last three years. This kind of growth is a leading indicator of an excellent franchise. They offer high gross margins that need to maintain low inventories.

8. CertaPro Painters

Interior/ exterior painting services requires an initial investment that runs from $148k to $221K. They are Pennsylvania-based and part of First Service Brands.

9. ProSource Wholesale

A large initial investment since the potential customers are not homeowners. They serve contractors, builders, real estate professionals and others in the trades. Franchisees sell at low prices through buying power.

10. Screenmobile

The initial investment for this franchise is $92k to $184K. They offer window screens, enclosures and porches, screen doors and other similar products. They offer window coverings for sun control and other products too. Average gross sales are $371.612.Existing franchisees even offer testimonials.

home improvement franchises

More of the Best Home Improvement Franchises

Home improvement franchises provide a way to put your window replacement and other skills to work. There are many different revenue streams to explore.

11. iFoam.

The minimum cash required here is $100,000. Opportunities are available throughout the US. Franchisees have access to SEO and PPC services.

12. RooterMan

You’ll get a plumbing, septic, and drain cleaning franchise here that has low overhead. Franchisees are members of the Premium Service Brands organization. That means you can get corporate support around the clock. The franchise fee is $7,475.

13. Concrete Craft

Another one of the franchise opportunities suited to applicants with a handyman connection. These concrete overlays are a good stone restoration treatment. A scalable home-based business with dealer opportunities across Canada and the US.

14. iDeal Furniture

This company urges franchisees to set up distribution centers and sell furniture. You’ll get access to wholesale supplier networks.

15. Kitchen Solvers

This opportunity started in 1982. Franchisees don’t need any previous experience. They will be involved with sales and service. Ongoing training and support are included along with a two-week training course. Here’s a link to Kitchen Solvers’ franchising opportunities.

16. Paul Davis Restoration

This is a franchise organization that looks after disaster damage from storms mold, fire and water. The average reported gross sales for a franchise that’s two years old was almost $4 million dollars. There are over 300 locations in the United States and Canada.

17. HouseMaster

This is a respected name in home inspections with over 310 franchise areas. There are 541 units and the initial investment starts at $499, 313.

18. Five-Star Painting

Royalty fees are 6 percent. The franchise fee is up to $40,000. They operate 175 franchises in America.

19. PuroClean

This is considered a fast-growing franchise in the emergency services space. There’s an initial investment of $72, 732. You get three weeks of training in their Academy to start.

20. The Great Frame Up

They offer custom framing, gift items and art and wall decor. The Great Frame Up offers available locations and third-party financing sources.

Here are some good reference materials too. Entrepreneur media has an outstanding franchise center.

home improvement franchises

Home Improvement Franchise Comparison

Exploring home improvement franchise opportunities can be overwhelming with the vast options available. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve compiled a comparison table that encapsulates the essence of each franchise opportunity, comparing their initial investment requirements, unique services, and support structures.

Franchise Initial Investment Range Unique Services Offered Support & Training Growth Potential
Budget Blinds $19,950 Custom Blinds and Installation Comprehensive support and training High
One Day Doors & Closets $100,000+ 3-D Measuring Technology Full training, little competition Moderate to High
Bath Tune-Up SBA-Approved Bathroom Remodeling Proprietary software, full support High
Decorating Den Interiors Contact for details Interior Design Services Access to suppliers, coaching High
California Closets Since 1978 Custom Storage Solutions Brand legacy, exclusive line High
USA Insulation $171K – $364K Insulation Services 35 years in business Moderate to High
Closets By Design Contact for details Custom Closets and Organizers High growth, low inventory High
CertaPro Painters $148K – $221K Painting Services Part of First Service Brands Moderate to High
ProSource Wholesale Contact for details Wholesale for Trade Pros Buying power, low prices Moderate
Screenmobile $92K – $184K Screening and Enclosures Comprehensive training, testimonials Moderate to High
iFoam $100,000+ Insulation Services SEO and PPC support Moderate to High
RooterMan $7,475 – Contact for details Plumbing and Drain Services Part of a larger organization High
Concrete Craft Contact for details Concrete Overlays Home-based, dealer opportunities Moderate to High
iDeal Furniture Contact for details Furniture Distribution Access to wholesale networks Moderate
Kitchen Solvers Since 1982 Kitchen Remodeling No experience required, full support High
Paul Davis Restoration $499,313 – Contact for details Disaster Restoration Extensive training, high sales High
HouseMaster Contact for details Home Inspections Well-respected, extensive network Moderate to High
Five-Star Painting Up to $40,000 Painting Services Royalty fees, comprehensive support Moderate to High
PuroClean $72,732+ Emergency Services Academy training, fast-growing High
The Great Frame Up Contact for details Custom Framing and Art Decor Financing sources, growth potential Moderate

home improvement franchises

How to Choose the Best Franchise to Set Up a Successful Business

There are many different franchises to choose from. You’ll need to have a few boxes to check to narrow down your choices. Here are a few that can guide you toward the right franchise.

  • Take into account your own experiences and talents. You need to choose a business model that fits in with your skill set and appeals to your interests. That way you’ll be successful.
  • Decide how you want to be involved. Absentee owners hire staff who manage things on a daily basis. Other franchisees are owner-operators who are directly involved.
  • Looking for a franchise that has a strong support system is critical. They should supply features like ongoing training and a marketing system that works.
  • You should do the math to make sure the franchise is within your budget. There will be initial investment costs and franchise fees to consider.

Here’s an excellent place to start your search.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Home Improvement Franchise?

According to Franchise Direct, all home improvement franchises require that you come up with an initial investment. That number starts at around $50,000 USD and can go to hundreds of thousands and over.

Is a Home Improvement Franchise a Profitable Business?

Yes. The International Franchise Association reports the industry added 232,000 jobs way back in 2020.

There’s more good news. Floor installation is trending as a top franchise. The pandemic has made kitchen and bath renovation another growth market for home-improvement franchises. If you’re looking for more business franchise inspiration follow the decorative concrete industry. This is part of the positive momentum found in home remodeling.

The home improvement franchise industry is resilient and credible. Plus there are so many businesses to choose from. Harvard University even has a remodeling futures program that studies trends in the industry. It releases a report on different items like smart home technologies and energy-efficient products.


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