Revamp your wellness routine: Top 10 essential health and beauty tips to help become a happier you this autumn

Shifting from summer to autumn is often seen as a return to self – falling back into your routine and re-assessing what’s important. But be sure that you don’t return to bad habits, especially when it comes to your health and beauty.

With pointers on everything from hair to skin and beyond, here are Checklist‘s top 10 health and beauty tips to see you through autumn.

New antiperspirant that’s kinder on you and the planet

Make Waves has developed a refillable antiperspirant – a first in the UK – which is packed with premium natural ingredients for its base, whilst harnessing the power of traditional antiperspirant ingredients for performance.

Make Waves recognise that people want to smell great and don’t want sweat patches, but also want a more sustainable solution to what’s on offer on the shelf. That means providing a refillable antiperspirant that has the performance of the big brands, but in a formulation packed with premium natural ingredients, rich in vitamins, and that is kind to your skin – all in a more sustainable model.

The one-time purchase applicator can be used time and time again thanks to refill capsules that are made from fully recycled material. Make Waves want to prevent single use plastics from ending up in landfill or even worse, the ocean, by giving it a new lease of life. 

Having launched just a month ago, they’re already rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, plus all their products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, dermatologically tested, and 100% made in the UK!

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Supercharge your smoothies with coconut water! 

Temperatures are starting to creep down and the sun is already setting before its even time for your afternoon coffee. But there are plenty of pleasures to be found in crisp autumnal days – and Vita Coco can help give you the boost you need to grab this autumn by the coconuts! 

Whether you like to sip straight from the carton, blend it up in a smoothie or use it as a mixer in a coconutty cocktail, Vita Coco is packed full of electrolytes and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great way to help support the normal function of your immune system and help protect you on your morning cough-and-sneeze-ridden-commute.

Vita Coco is available to purchase at all major UK retailers, so it’s easy to get your hands on a carton. And if you’re looking for smoothie for recipes, simply click through to their site below and you’ll find a trove of delicious inspiration.

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*On all full-priced items only.

WIN! A pair of LONOVE Titanium Hair Straighteners, worth £109.99!

Trying to achieve lusciously straight locks can often mean being tough your tresses but thankfully, there are straighteners out there that provide great results without the damage.

Achieve shiny, stunning straight hair or go for a crimp and curly look with LONOVE Professional Hair Straightener. Their super quick heating Titanium plates reach up to 230 degrees in 30 seconds operable via digital controls – that’s two times quicker than your average pair.

They also offer great safety features like the automatic sleep mode that kicks in after two minutes of operation, followed by sleep mode for 30 minutes and shutdown after that.

The Rose Gold straighteners (also available in Black, White colourways) help you say goodbye to frizz and get smooth and silky straight hair with these durable metallic plates. And this month, they’re giving away a pair to one lucky winner.

The info: Click here to enter the competition* and here to shop the range online.

*Terms and conditions found here.

Give your skin a much-needed workout 

We’re all familiar with maintenance when it comes to exercise, but did you know that you can also give your skin a workout? 

Help turn back the years and treat your skin with Opatra’s hand-held Dermisonic II device to give your skin a workout in 10 minutes. The sleek, ergonomically designed device comes protected with a silicone cover shield and a deluxe touch screen for optimal luxury and ultimate cleanliness. 

The on-the-glow Dermisonic II is a five-in-one device that uses a combination of coloured red, blue, and green LED light therapy to target specific areas of concern listed on the touchscreen device. It has also recently won the Anti Ageing Tool Innovation of the Year award.

The non-invasive combination of treatments on one device works harmoniously to help support a healthy skin function, leaving your skin looking smoother, firmer, and more youthful. Together with vibration, heat therapy, and a multi-facial with radio frequency, the device helps improve the look of skin hydration and enhance your overall appearance with regular use.

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Give your skin, nails and hair a boost with collagen 

We all could do with a little more support as we age. Luckily, brands like Gaia Naturelle are here to help when it comes to collagen food supplements. Their goal is to empower their customers to achieve better wellbeing with natural supplements and cosmetics.

Their Collagen Shot product contains a unique blend of six powerful ingredients, and features vitamin C biotin, and zinc, as well as hyaluronic acid and MSM. 

Vitamin C helps play a role in collagen formation, biotin contributes to maintaining healthy skin and hair, and zinc contributes to maintaining healthy bones, skin, hair, and nails. As well as this, hyaluronic acid works as a moisturising agent, while MSM is purported to help the body to produce collagen and keratin. Together, they help support the ageing body.

In a clinical study, Collagen Shot let to a 20 per cent improvement in dermis density, a 32 per cent improvement in skin hydration and 12 per cent improvement in skin texture, with a 14 per cent reduction in wrinkle depth and 12 per cent reduction in wrinkle volume after just 12 weeks.*

Their Collagen Shot 10,000 product is then designed to elevate midlife elegance with an enhanced formula crafted expressly for middle-aged women. This formula has all the benefits of the Collagen Shot, with added vitamin D3 which can contribute to normal function of the immune system. The highly concentrated food supplement helps support the health of skin, nails, joints, teeth, and the immune system.

The info: Click here to claim 20% off with discount code ‘FORGETYOURAGE’.**

*Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 12-week clinical study of 107 women aged between 40 and 65 years participated in the clinical study. Source: Gaia Naturelle.

**Discount code will work on all single products (Food supplements & Natural cosmetics), bundles are excluded. 

Learn how to perfect a flawless lash lift 

It’s often said that a good set of lashes can fix anything – more so when paired with a stellar pair of brows. If you’re looking for a Lash & Brow Lamination online training to give you the skills you need to become the best in your area – look no further!

The Flawless Lash & Brow Training Course by Flawless Lashes by Loreta offers a comprehensive learning experience, covering essential modules like understanding the target audience, hair structure, lash lift procedures, and client safety. The course equips both beginners and experienced artists with the skills needed to excel in the lash and brow industry.

Seven modules will guide you through all the essentialinformation you’ll need to implement the ultimate lash lift and brow lamination. And with guidance on both lash and brow treatments, what can be better than getting two certificates for the same price? 

The online Lash & Brow lift training is accredited by the internationally recognised Lash Inc. and ABT – both respected accreditation providers. The course also follows Loreta’s and her team’s high training standards.

The info: Click here to book the course now.

Natural botanicals designed to support you 


Looking for products that help contribute to a happy, healthy and ethical life? Natural Herb Remedies bring you a range of therapeutic botanical-based wellbeing products that do just that. 

All Natural Herb Remedies products are globally sourced and British made and include five travel-friendly, unisex bundles for Stress, Energy, Immunity, Recovery and Vitality. 

The De-Stress Collection contains the Relax Supplement and Calm Botanical Mist, perfect for times of stress and anxiety or for those who find it hard to sleep. The one-a-day Relax Supplement promotes peacefulness, with rhodiola, B vitamins and magnesium to help support the nervous system, plus ashwagandha, lemon balm and B6 to aid relaxation and help in the regulation of hormone activity in both men and women.

The unisex scented Calm Botanical Mist helps create a sense of harmony and tranquillity with essential oils and Bach flower essences that can be used on pulse points, in your surroundings or as an aid to meditation.

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Get closer to achieving your hair goals 

Your mane is often your calling card. Having healthy-looking locks is always a confidence booster which is why it’s important to give your hair exactly what it needs.

Watermans, the top hair brand that sells a product every 30 seconds around the globe, has a wide range of products to reach for when you want to indulge in some selfcare.

Watermans’ unique GrowMe and ConditionMe combo, from its hair-growth range, is highly recommended by trichologists, and packed full of natural ingredients that are engineered to target and transform hair. All products are free from parabens and sulphates, as well as being suitable for all hair types.

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Upgrade your self-care with a home swim spa

Looking after yourself is often regarded as an indulgence, but making your wellbeing a priority shouldn’t be. We should all be investing more in our self-care – and what better way than by setting up a home swim spa.

Specialising in swim spas, ice baths and saunas, Fonteyn Spas strive to enable people across the UK to enjoy more of the outdoors. They have everything you need to create the ultimate spa experience you desire. Their showroom is the perfect place to get inspired as it’s the largest spa showroom in Britain!

More than 300 spas are displayed in their 35,000 m² showroom and it provides a unique opportunity to try out a swim spa or ice bath of your choice in their testing area!

With more than 1,000 spas in stock and over 25 years of expertise, Fonteyn Spas give you all the expert advice you could need before making the investment – it’s no wonder they have upwards of 20,000 satisfied customers.

The info: Click here to find out more. 

Stunning self-tan for all skin types

Are you hoping to maintain that summer glow well into autumn? While the weather may not be on your side, you can always rely on a self tanner to give you that gorgeous colour. 

Creating tanning products suitable for those struggling with acne and sensitive skin, Pretty and Bronzed was established to help people achieve an even, illuminating glow, whilst keeping skin hydrated.

Their range comes in three strengths – Light, Medium or Dark – to help customers find the perfect shade for them, and also comes in three lovely scents: Strawberry, Cherry or Melon. These are products that smell as good as they’ll make you look. 

Pretty & Bronzed Mousses *are made to be used on a regular basis for a year-round glow. Then the Gradual Moisturiser contains vitamin B5 while the Tanning Water contains hyaluronic acid, both of which help maintain glowing hydrated skin. Combine for the ultimate glow, whatever the season.

The info: Click here to shop now.

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