The Environmental and Health Impacts of the Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetics industry has seen its share of ethical questioning over the years. Given issues such as the use of unnatural substances and chemicals, animal testing practices, and little warning about potential health concerns, it is no surprise that fewer people are wearing makeup these days. However, people should not feel the need to drop their hobbies, interests, and lifestyles just to stay safe and make the planet cleaner. Instead, the average cosmetics consumer needs to understand the environmental and health impacts of the industry, so they can make more informed choices about the brands and products they choose. 

Makeup has lost its appeal in recent years for various reasons. While about 39% of women wore makeup in 2019, the cosmetic industry is experiencing a downward trend in popularity. Nowadays, people are opting for a more natural look and are generally using less makeup than before. Others have started to dive deeper into some of the environmental and health issues often associated with the cosmetic industry. 

In the past, the industry has been in hot water in terms of ethical practices, worker conditions,  animal experimentation, and more. But as our world shifts toward a more sustainable mindset and people are more focused on their health, it is essential to know what the impacts of the industry really are, and how its popularity could continue to damage the planet and people’s overall well-being.