The Increasing Demand for Animal Health and Beauty Products

The influence of consumer demand for pet products has led to entire brands being created to cater to pets whose owners wish to give them a lifestyle full of opulence. As the conversation surrounding skinifcation (treating the rest of your body with the same attention that goes into your skincare routine) continues to grow, pet-specific body and coat care brands are rising. At the beginning of the year, DOG came to the US market, an Australian luxury pet skincare and lifestyle start-up founded by vet and self-proclaimed “dog mom” Dr. Lisa Chimes. DOG offers an array of products, from dog wipes and cologne, to body washes, a brush that promotes blood circulation for healthy skin, and vitamin supplements. So far, the brand has raised 3.25 million Australian dollars (2.18 million USD) and seen a 124% increase in annual sales since its debut in the US.

Chimes’ reasoning behind the founding of DOG resonates with Hertsig-Lavocah’s belief that brands will have to begin to formulate for pets. “We care for our skin and our children’s skin, so why not our pets? Take a look at most skin and coat care products, and you’ll find harsh chemicals, which can lead to poor overall skin health. I’ve made it my mission to create natural and gentle products that are safe for their skin as well as our own,” she says. With the rise of pet products from both pre-existing beauty brands and newfound specific brands, dedicated pet lovers will not have to look far to find options for their pet’s pamper routines.

Another beauty business addressing the demand for pet care is Givaudan, which recently announced the PetTech platform. Created using insights from vets, groomers, and consumers, PetTech was designed to “draw upon a deep understanding of environmental malodor … addressing pet owners’ expectations for highly efficient products that are greener and safer for both their pets and surroundings.” The activation leverages the businesses Zap portfolio that features information on pet malodor issues and how to overcome them, patented well-being technologies that will benefit the moods of pets and their owners, and 100% biodegradable fragrance delivery system technologies to ensure lasting freshness in a planet-friendly way.

“PetTech demonstrates our latest technology application in sustainable delivery solutions,” says Caroline Leclerc, Business Development and Marketing Director of Delivery Systems at Givaudan. “For instance, our Bloomtech innovation and tailored palette of hedonics led us to obtain superior results in terms of fragrance intensity and malodor suppression in cat litter.” Dominique Bession, Fabric and Home Care Category Director at Givaudan adds, “Driven by a holistic approach towards the pet care segment, PetTech also considers the evolving needs and behaviors of pet owners to deliver on their expectations and delight them in a multisensorial way.”

Retailers have also begun recognizing the increasing demand for access to pet supplies beyond the standard. Petco partnered with home-improvement store Lowe’s to create a shop-in-shop concept in rural areas, offering pet supplies and veterinary care. The initial collaboration between the two businesses included fifteen stores opening across the US, which has recently been expanded to over 300. In addition, 75 Lowe’s stores will now offer Pecto vetco clinics once a month, providing pet owners with easier access to vaccinations, microchipping, and preventive medications. “As Americans continue to improve their homes for the entire family—including their beloved pets—we’re delighted to bring Petco’s pet care expertise, combined with our health and wellness merchandise and veterinary services, to even more pet parents as we scale up to hundreds of Lowe’s locations across the country,” Petco Chief Merchandising Officer, Amy College, adds.

Many young consumers, particularly millennials, are beginning to see their pets as an extension of themselves, and are willing to put their fur baby’s needs before their own. With self-care and the romanticism of enjoying the small things in life being a prominent part of millennial and Gen Z priorities, the trend of little luxuries pet care seems to have a future of growth in the beauty market. As 83% of pet owners say they are likely to spend more on pet care over the next six months, brands positioning themselves to cater to this consumer market will surely be setting themselves up for success. One thing is certain: The future of beauty is four-legged-friend inclusive.

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