The silly, sweet winners of this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – National

What do a rock-and-roll kangaroo, dancing otter and diving heron have in common?

It might sound like the setup for a silly animal joke, but, in fact, these three adorable wild animals are making headlines as some the winners of the 2023 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Judges of the U.K.-based awards narrowed down more than 1,800 images submitted by talented wildlife photographers spanning 85 countries.

And the winners are sure to make you chortle, giggle and maybe even guffaw.

Photographer Jason Moore of Perth, Australia took home the top honour for his photo of a western grey kangaroo who looks like she’s deep in a session of air guitar. For his prize he’s won a photography bag, a one-week safari in Kenya and a handmade trophy.

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Location: Perth, Australia.

Jason Moore / Comedy Wildlife 2023

And Jackek Stankiewicz picked up the Junior Award for his snap of two greenfinches who appear to be in a heated (tweeted?) argument.

The award were founded in 2015 by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. While fundraising is not the primary purpose of the competition, money made from licensing the photographs goes to support small grass-roots conservation organizations.

This year’s proceeds will go to Whitley Fund for Nature, a U.K. charity that helps fund conservationists around the world.

Check out the winners from the five categories below, including the 10 additional entries that were recognized as Highly Commended, below.

Overall Winner: “Air Guitar Roo” by Jason Moore

Location: Perth, Australia.

Jason Moore / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Spectrum Photo Creatures of the Air Award: “Unexpected Plunge” by Vittorio Ricci

Location: Zimanga Private Game Reserve, South Africa.

Vittorio Ricci / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Creatures Under the Water Award: “Otter Ballerina” by Otter Kwek

Location: Singapore.

Otter Kwek / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Junior Award and Affinity Photo 2 People’s Choice Award: “Dispute” by Jacek Stankiewicz

Location: Bialowieza Forest, Poland.

Jacek Stankiewicz / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Amazing Internet Portfolio Award: “I Finally Learned To Fly…Or Maybe Not” by Tímea Ambrus

Location: Austria.

Tímea Ambrus / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “The Happy Turtle” by Tzahi Finkelstein

Location: Jezreel Valley, Israel.

Tzahi Finkelstein / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “Monday Blahs” by John Blumenkamp

Location: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

John Blumenkamp / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “One For The Family Album” by Zoe Ashdown

Location: Yorkshire, England.

Zoe Ashdown / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “Don’t Look Down” by Brian Matthews

Brian Matthews / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “Boing” by Lara Mathews

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Lara Mathews / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “The Rainforest Dandy” by Delphine Casimir

Location: Bali, Indonesia.

Delphine Casimir / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “Look Right, Bro” by Pratick Mondal

Location: Bharatpur, India.

Pratick Mondal / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “That Wasn’t Here Yesterday” by Wendy Kaveney

Location: Buckeye, Arizona.

Wendy Kaveney / Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “Snowball” by Jacques Poulard

Location: Spitsbergen, Norway.

Jacques Poulard/Comedy Wildlife 2023

Highly Commended: “Excuse Me Sir, But I Think You’re A Little Too Young To Be Smoking” by Dakota Vaccaro

Location: Virginia.

Dakota Vaccaro / Comedy Wildlife 2023

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