What Photographers Really Want for Christmas

Please, no more mugs shaped like lenses. No more photography pun t-shirts. Photographers, filmmakers, and content creators; send this article to the gift givers in your life for some handy hints on what gifts you would actually like to receive.

Dear Generous Gift Givers

We know that it can be hard to buy gifts for the creative people in your life, who do seem to self-gift regularly with a variety of gadgets all year round in the pursuit of perfecting our images. It seems like we already have it all, but actually, we don’t! Photographers, whether they are professionals or passionate hobbyists, are always in search of the latest tools and accessories to elevate their craft. At MPB, photographers can buy, sell, and trade equipment as a means to keep their equipment up to date without breaking the bank. We have hand-picked some ideal gifts and contained them here together as a handy guide to help choose the perfect gift for the camera enthusiasts in your life that will leave them wondering “How did you know!”

For the Portrait Perfectionist

There is nothing quite like an 85mm lens for portrait work. Portrait photographers love nothing more than the 85mm lens because this particular focal length offers a flattering perspective that minimizes distortion and facial exaggeration. The Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art lens excels at producing a beautiful background blur that isolates the subject from the surroundings, creating a dreamy, professional look. Its versatility allows photographers to work comfortably in a variety of settings, making it a sought-after choice for both studio and outdoor portrait photography.

For the Enthusiast Who is Ready to go Professional

A light meter is an exceptional gift idea for a photography enthusiast who is ready to elevate their practice to professional level. This indispensable tool allows photographers to achieve precision and consistency in their exposure settings, ensuring that every shot is perfectly exposed, whether shooting with natural light or with strobes in the studio. This Sekonic L-758DR Digitalmaster Light Meter is highly regarded for its accuracy. It is pocket sized for on-the-go reference when needed.

For the Smartphone Shooter

Smartphone filmmakers need some extra tools in order to achieve the best results. Consider investing in a gimbal stabilizer, which helps create smooth, cinematic shots. This Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Stabiliser, combined with the ZY Play app enables Android and iOS users to control both gimbal and smartphone camera functions such as focus, zoom, time-lapse, and still photo settings. The Smooth-4’s controls reduce the need to touch the phone screen, thereby minimizing unintended jostling while recording. 

For the Filmmaker in Your Life

A set of professional-grade LED lights can make all the difference in low-light shooting situations. These Rotolight AEOS Location lights are very popular due to their high quality and color accuracy and are sure to be a well-received gift. For great quality lighting on the go, these lights are a great investment.

For the Content Creators and YouTubers

These creators often spend hours in front of the camera, and good audio is crucial. A high-quality external microphone can significantly enhance their recording and streaming quality. The Rode NT-USB Mini microphone brings the world renowned sound quality of Rode’s studio mics to a compact usb platform. Compact and crystal clear, what more could content creators want in a microphone?

For the Adventurous Types

If your photographer is an adventurer who loves capturing action-packed moments in the great outdoors, a GoPro camera is an excellent choice. These compact cameras are built to withstand tough conditions and capture stunning action shots, whether they’re skiing down a mountain or on horseback. MPB has a selection of GoPro Hero11 Black models to choose from.

For Landscape Photographers

Working in all kinds of terrain, it is best to pack as light as possible. With this in mind, tripods can add considerable weight. That’s where the Manfrotto 190go! MS 4-Section Tripod will afford some steady shots while on the move without overloading on weight. Measuring at only 45cm in length when closed, and weighing only 1.35kg this is a compact and lightweight solution.

For Music Photographers

Music photographers often want to add a creative touch to their shots. Consider gifting them a star filter which can create beautiful starbursts around points of light, such as stage lights or sparkly stage costumes.

For the “Little Bit of Everything” Photographers

A versatile zoom lens is a sure-fire hit. Who doesn’t want a new lens for Christmas? This will expand their creative possibilities, enabling the capture of a wide range of subjects with a single lens, from street photography to child portraits. The Fujifilm XF 18-120mm f/4 is versatile, high quality, and sure to delight anyone unwrapping it as a gift. 

For the Photographers Who Seem to Have It All Already

These are the types who crave every new photography gadget that comes to the market. You might think that these are the hardest to buy for as they seem to have parcels delivered all the time with new photography gear, but trust me, these photographers still have a list of wants and needs as long as their arm. For this type of photographer, you can’t go wrong with gifting a high-quality camera bag, such as the Think Tank Airport TakeOff Rolling Bag which will hold 2 DSLR bodies, up to 7 lenses, 2 flashes, a 15” laptop, and tablet. 

For the Fussy Photographers

When you don’t quite know if your gift will fit the needs of the photographer in your life, you can always rest assured with MPB’s generous return and exchange policy, and a 6-month warranty as standard to provide peace of mind when buying used equipment. This ensures that the recipient can exchange or return the gift if it doesn’t quite meet their specific needs or preferences.

Whatever you decide, MPB has options for a wide variety of photography-related gifts to make this Christmas a truly special one for the photographers in your life. From specialized gear to versatile accessories, there’s no shortage of ways to make their photography dreams come true. So, this holiday season, surprise them with a thoughtful gift that will not only bring a smile to their face but also enhance their creative journey behind the lens.

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